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Mike Starman

Vince Law has recently completed the creation of my new website which I am extremely happy with.

Being a mature person with very limited computer skills I am most impressed with not only his technical skills but his ability to translate technical jargon into easy to understand English. Thanks to Vince I now feel very confident in the use of WordPress. Not only is he proficient in his work but he is a great teacher as well.

I am also very pleased to say that his commitment to the task was highly professional. It was completed quickly and he was... Read the rest

- Mike Starman, Sydney, Australia,, Testimonial in PDFPDF

My name is Kevin Gaskell. I work as a web designer at Epoch Online. I saw your website and your content and I really like your approach. For all my work as a web designer these past 7 years, I haven’t ever built my own website. I am in the process of building a blog and building some websites for the purpose of making some money. I will definitely be following your website.

- Kevin Gaskell, USA

Vince did an excellent job fixing the issues I had with my website. He went above and beyond the norm by advising me on what needed to happen to make my site the best it could be. He exceeded my expectations and I will definitely use him again

- Grace Ferguson, UK,

Aida Rojas

I have used the Maverick Sales Letters and installed it on 2 different WordPress Sites and it makes for a beautiful squeeze page. This is really useful, and surprisingly easy to use, so even if you are a beginner, this is an awesome product! The only real skill needed to do this right would be to design a header graphic, but its easy to do with fiverr gigs. No matter the product or service you are trying to sell, Maverick Sales Letters will save you a ton of time and head aches. If you are looking for a DIY solution,... Read the rest

- Aida Rojas, Texas, USA

Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado

The Maverick Sales Letters theme is a powerful yet simple theme to convert any wordpress blog into a host for your sales pages. It adds a row of power tools to your text editor in WordPress that is well thought out. The tools included make any sales page a winner.

I uploaded the files to an existing WordPress installation with a pre-existing premium sales page theme already installed. The integration went as expected with no issues reported. This theme added some great features to the pre-existing marketing theme and it does add great marketing functionality to any blog.

I tested... Read the rest

- Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado, New York, USA

Malisia Seabolt

I have tried this out on my new blog and so far I have not found anything that I dislike. So far everything I have tried works great. Your easy to follow step by step user guide is awesome.

It is easy to follow and easy to understand, You not only add text to guide me the right way to do things. You also add imagine screen shots so I can see what you are talking about.

Believe me I am a dummy when it comes to technical stuff and using graphics and templates, setting up fonts to make my... Read the rest

- Malisia Seabolt, USA

There are numerous popular WSOs for WordPress sales page themes, from simple one page layouts all the way up to full blown membership sites. All have their pluses and minuses. I can honestly say that Vince’s theme is great for those who are looking for something in the middle. If you want to get your site up quickly, without all the fuss and expense of the membership packages, then this is for you too.

I also wanted matching squeeze, thank you and exit pages, etc. This is what you get with this set of templates, and yes, they really are... Read the rest

- Phil G, Arizona, USA

Gregory Scott

The internet is the new wild west and we have been dealing with cowboys for years. It’s been an absolute nightmare with people ripping us off left right and centre simply because they can.

By comparison working with Vince has been an absolute pleasure. This guy knows his stuff and is straight down the line honest. He understands the value of good work in business and I highly recommend him.

- Gregory Scott, Sydney, Australia,

Dr. Jo

Vince Law exceeded my expectations in the revamping and reorganization of my website It was a bigger task than simply creating a new web site because he had to integrate the main website, the blog and my publications and create a new look to the website. Also all of the old URLs had to be redirected because we changed the website from to

I am so excited about having the website, blog and products all organized again and available to the public. They are actually better organized than they ever have been in the past. Their crisp,... Read the rest

- Dr. Jo, California, USA,, Testimonial in PDFPDF

Cecilia Macaulay

I have known Vince Law for many years now, and recommend him to you as a highly desirable employee.

With his brusque communication skills, he did not actually make a good first impression on me.

However, hearing the way in which he was making dedicated efforts to achieve his unique life goals, I felt there was something special, competent and generous about this international young man.

After hiring him for technical and online assistance with Permaculture Design projects, I found I made an excellent choice – in his pro-active, low-key, but highly expert way, he became a great contribution to... Read the rest

- Cecilia Macaulay, Sydney, Australia,, Testimonial in PDFPDF

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