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Dr. Jo’s Testimonial

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Dr. JoVince Law exceeded my expectations in the revamping and reorganization of my website It was a bigger task than simply creating a new web site because he had to integrate the main website, the blog and my publications and create a new look to the website. Also all of the old URLs had to be redirected because we changed the website from to

I am so excited about having the website, blog and products all organized again and available to the public. They are actually better organized than they ever have been in the past. Their crisp, sharp presentation also looks very professional and appealing with the additions of eye-catching images.

Vince is unique. He has excellent technical abilities and excellent writing talent. Not many people can do both well. He also understands social networking and how to integrate it into the website, another big plus for me.

He created a very professional and eye-appealing Facebook page for me, something that I would not have thought of. Upon completion of it I wrote this note to him “The Facebook page looks great, beautiful, crisp, easy to navigate, eye appealing. Thank you so much for all of your time and efforts in creating this Facebook page. I am more than satisfied, I'm delighted”.

In fact Vince made and implemented many suggestions that I had not thought of. He always explained his suggestions very well and answered my many questions until I clearly understood. He takes suggestions well and gives suggestions well. He was patient and clear in all of our communication processes and he provided good instructions that are easy for me to follow.

Vince pays attention to details and is very organized. He is also very thoughtful. Numerous times he suggested that I check to be sure that all of the links, email addresses, etc. were correct or changed in accounts that integrated with the website, like autoresponder accounts, PayPal and others.

I highly recommend him.


Bessie Jo Tillman, MD

- Dr. Jo, California, USA,, Testimonial in PDFPDF