Vince Law - WordPress Designer / Developer in Sydney, Australia

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Client:Tonic the Agency, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Scope:Web Development
Skills:Adobe Photoshop, API, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, JSON, LESS, Responsive Web Design

I started at Tonic the Agency at the end of March, immediately after my MercerBell contract ended.

I had an interview a week before I started at Tonic and it was quite a short and impromptu interview. I had no idea I was going to get an interview on that day but a recruiter from InteractiveInc called me and said Tonic wanted to see me.

I went there with an open mind and the interview went very well and they offered me a two-month contract on the spot with possible extensions depending on how the project goes.

They are a very fast paced agency with very tight deadlines. They did tell me upfront about that in the interview to prepare me for the work that I was going to do.

There were some late nights and I had to work over the Easter holidays but it was a great learning experience to work in a Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) environment. The back end of most of their sites are running on the PHP Laravel framework and prefer PHP to .NET and Java environments.