Vince Law - WordPress Designer / Developer in Sydney, Australia


Vince LawHi! I’m Vince Law, a 35-year-old web developer in Sydney, Australia.

I have been creating websites since 1999, back in the good old days when people were using HTML tables and transparent GIFs to create websites. Fast forward 13 years, I have stuck with my chosen profession over the years and I have never stopped improving.

I have a passion for all things internet – web design, web development, social media, search engine optimisation and anything to do with the creation of websites. I discovered WordPress around 2006 and fell in love with its ease of use, simplicity and potential as a content management system. I have been hooked on the WordPress platform ever since.

I have been working with AngularJS since 2014 and mainly do front end web development work these days.

6 Reasons to Hire Me

1. Over 10 Years of Experience in Web Development

I started my career when I was 17 in 1999 during my first internship at a Singapore internet startup company.

Mastering any skill requires time, effort and a commitment to continuous improvement. Web developers without the passion for web development would eventually drop out to work in an easier field that does not change as frequently because they think it is too hard to keep on updating their skills. I get excited when I get to learn a better way of doing things and it does not feel like a chore to me to constantly upgrade my skills to be on top of my game.

I have spent my formative years in this field making all sorts of newbie mistakes and I have reached a point of maturity where I know what I am doing and I know I have what it takes to push through programming roadblocks quicker with my vast experience.

What that means is, with me on your team, you will get high-quality websites created quicker and more efficiently than you thought possible.

2. I am Motivated to Succeed in Australia

I have always been an adventurous, determined man with a sense of purpose to succeed in life, my own way. The freedom to pursue the fulfilment of my values and dreams is everything to me.

I have waited over 10 years to move to Australia and now that I am here, I plan to take full advantage of my newfound freedom and opportunities of advancement and attaining financial wealth.

3. I Take Pride in a Job Well Done

I set very high standards for myself and push myself to reach them. I don’t settle for good enough when I can do a great job.

Doing great work is important for me because I like what I do and I want to be able to do the kind of work that I can be proud of.

4. I Communicate Clearly and Effectively in Writing and in Speech

When I am talking to you, you will never have to wonder what I am trying to say or what I am trying not to say. It will be clear as daylight. I am forthright with people and I don’t play games.

A lot of people like to write indirectly to make people think they are cool, sophisticated and funny. That is just not my style. As you can see from my writings on this web site, my sentences are short and straight to the point.

I can also write detailed software documentation that are so easy to follow that non-technical people can understand it easily. Not everyone has the technical background to understand what we are doing. I believe it is essential to be able to communicate our technical vocabulary to non-techies in a way that they understand.

If you prefer someone who says what they mean and means what they say, you’ve found the right person.

5. I am a Natural Systems BuilderINTJ

I possess the rare INTJ personality type that provides me with the natural talent to create systems and innovate wherever I go.

I enjoy challenges, solving problems and seeing my ideas become reality. Doing the same thing over and over again in the same way will drive me nuts. I constantly look for ways to improve on my work processes to become more efficient and effective.

At work, I prefer to work in small teams of competent, intelligent, and productive team members. Although I am not the most warm and fuzzy person you will meet and I tend to be serious and aloof when I am concentrating at work, you can be guaranteed that I will get the job done without excuses.

Being a web developer allows me to make full use of my innate talents and be true to myself. That is why I have been in this field for such a long time.

6. I Write Effective, Clean and Well Documented Source Code

Most people ignore the source code of a web site and focus on what they can see in their browser instead. Coding is an art and science that most people don’t appreciate. It is important for source code to be readable and well documented because you or someone else may want to improve on it. This is one of the most basic programming best practices and you will be surprised at how many people ignore this.

I have developed my own coding style that I use in all my projects. I take pride in writing my code in a clean and efficient manner but at the same time making it easy to understand. It won’t be difficult for a newbie or an experienced web designer/developer to understand my code